Interview: The importance of Home Health Care with Kimberly Akers

long term care Mar 28, 2023

In this must-see interview, we sit down with Kimberly Akers, Vice President of Operations at Amada Home Health Care, to discuss the importance of home health care in today's times.

As the aging population grows, and the demand for care increases, its crucial to explore options beyond relying on family members for long-term care. During our converstation, Kimberlly addresses the benefits of receiving care at home versus in a facility, the grueling statistics of the growing need for care, and how it's becoming a silent killer for family caregivers.

We also delve into the process of setting up a home health care solution, how amada addresses concerns of safety, security, quality of care, dependability and reliability, and the cost of care and payment options. Furthermore, Kimberly shares stories of how receiving care from Amada has given families peace of mind on stressful situations.

We also hear about her experience collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to provide the best care for clients. If you're a carefiver looking for assistance, a family member in need of care, or an individual considering home health care options, this interview is for you. Don't miss this critical converstation about the importance of home health care and how it can provide solutions for those in need.

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