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ancillary insurance Aug 09, 2022

By: Kevin Weber

It was one of those times as a parent that was so special and so exciting. You want it to be absolutely perfect. The special moment in time, where your child decides to get married and follow their dreams with their new spouse. The preparation, the thought, and the emotion that goes into that important day is unlike any other we had experienced as parents to date. One of the greatest moments of my life, one that I will cherish forever, was when my son Justin, and his fiancé, asked me to preside over their wedding nuptials. 

As things were starting to cool off from everything going on the last few years, my wife Stacey and I, figured it would be the perfect time to go in and get what should have been simple annual checkups. We went into our visit, got our checkups, and it was business as usual. When the doctor came in to see me, she said something to the effect of, “I just saw your wife and noticed a couple small spots I didn’t like, but we took care of them, let’s make sure you’re all good to go.” After my exam, I met up with Stacey and we went on our way, thinking nothing more of the visit. We live a healthy and active lifestyle, we eat well, don’t drink excessively, had recently committed to a personal trainer, and even put in a home gym. As the events of 2020 unfolded, I think it had knocked us off our game a little, but then gave us the opportunity to recommit to our lifestyle that we were looking to live. 2021 was all about getting our lifestyle on track and ourselves dialed in. It was a great year getting back on our game and structuring all the habits of the lifestyle we wanted. Our clothes are fitting better, we lost weight, changed our diet, increased our exercise, and we had been feeling the best we’d felt in twenty years.

Fast forward ten days, to ten days before Justin and Shay’s wedding. While I was writing our son’s wedding spiel, Stacey came in and asked what I was up to. As I looked up, what I noticed was that she was as white as a ghost. I told her what I was up to, and that I was at the part where they do the vows and exchange the rings. She then proceeded to ask me, “did you remember the part about sickness and health and richer and poorer part?” I laughed and said, “Of course I did.” She then said, “well, you and I have definitely been through the richer and poor part, now we are in the sickness part.” I stopped what I was doing, looked at her and asked, “really? What is it?” Now, given that there was so much time since we had been to the doctor, we had just assumed that meant everything was hunky dory with the appointment and we just move on until next time. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The doctor said there was good news and bad news. She said the good news was that one of the spots was fine. The bad news was that one of the spots was cancer and we needed to get her in right away for surgery. Evidently, this particular malignant melanoma can spread fast, go deep, and even find its way into organs. Who knows how long it had been there, since it was in an area that wouldn’t have been exposed to the sun much, if at all. As Stacey was relaying all the information, I can’t even begin to describe what thoughts when through my mind and was astonished at the rate in which they went. The disbelief, the anger, the timing, all the what if’s, and then it hit me, my job is to be the support system. So I just got up, hugged her and said, “I love you, everything will be fine. You’re already healed and we don’t need to give this any attention”. She then told me that she didn’t want to do anything until after the wedding because she didn’t want to disrupt the special day even if that meant undertaking risks. 

Medicine has always fascinated me, so much so, that for years, as a hobby, I would read articles, stay up on news, and do hours of research on sickness and medicine. Probably because I’m a hypochondriac, but regardless of that, it would lead me down these rabbit holes, one of which happened to be a cures for cancers type thing. As Stacey and I continued our conversation, I mentioned one of the treatments I had filed away in my head years ago, and I suggested she should check into it right away. Stacey’s initial response was leery and questioned me with all the usual questions one would ask when contemplating a new medicine. I said, “it’s all natural, from the Earth, and it’s safe. There were no known cases of anyone having problems, in all my research. If you have cancer and it works, then there’s nothing to lose. Worst case, it doesn’t work and you’re in the same spot you’re in now.” After that, I asked her whether or not she was going to tell the boys. She was hesitant at first because she didn’t want anyone feeling any stress or concern, with it being so close to the wedding. I said, “honey, our boys are adults, very grown men. One is about to be married and the other you need a step stool to see eye to eye with. You have to tell them, if you don’t, or can’t, where’s the trust? We have to tell them.” Fortunately, they were composed and appreciative for the transparency. 

Faith is important to our marriage and to our family. We have friends who are amazing spiritual mentors, who have channeled healings for people with all kinds of sickness, disease, and ailment, through the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed countless healings first hand. Stacey let her spiritual mentor know about the diagnosis, to which she simply responded with, “oh honey, I’ll pray over you but you’re just fine.” I reminded Stacey of the story in John, where Jesus spat in the dirt and made the blind man see. God works in miraculous ways and now Stacey was the one that needed the healing. I don’t pretend to know why some people aren’t healed because there are many who believe and pray and do all the things and they don’t make it. I will however, challenge anyone dealing with those thoughts, to think about the fact that someday, it all might make sense, and just be grateful for the good bounces. 

As ten days passed with out us giving the cancer much more thought or concern, it all hit me like a roaring freight train as I stood there and watched Justin and his Mom do their dance. As they danced with tears rolling, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. The song Justin chose was particularly special as he remembered the Rod Stewart classic, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love you?” they danced to it at the third grade Mother / Son dance. The surgery was set for the following Monday, very simple outpatient procedure. After the surgery, it would again be a game of wait and see. This time, instead of having to wait until the tenth day for the results, the doctor called on Wednesday afternoon. Two day after the surgery. She explained that they tested all of the tissue and there was no longer cancerous tissue. She was officially cancer free and would require a follow up visit in three months, then every three months for the first year. We were ecstatic and couldn’t be more grateful for the news! How or why was this the outcome? Was it our faith in God? Was it the natural treatment with proven success? Or just plain luck? Maybe it was some combination. I personally believe it comes down to faith, action, a healthy lifestyle, and not giving it our time in the form of thoughts or emotions.

To top this story off, is something that came to me a couple of Saturday’s ago while I was watering our flowers. For the last year or two, Stacey has literally been praying for God to remove any negativity, toxins, and thoughts from our bodies, as well as people that aren’t aligned. In other words, cancers in her life. I said to her, I says, “maybe this was God’s way of letting you know that all the cancerous toxins and people are removed, now you’re cancer free”. She laughed and said, “yeah, maybe, and I’ll even have a scar to show for it!” 

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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