An Insurance Plan That Should NOT Be Overlooked: Our Experience

ancillary Sep 09, 2022

By: Kevin Weber

Quotes are powerful statements made to help us connect the dots of reality. It’s a similar ballpark to idioms turned clichés. While some find them to be cheesy, I personally have found them to be helpful for me in life and in business. Some quotes become definitions or formulas to words like power, wealth, and success. For me it was Bobby Unser’s, “success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Success was always so subjective, leaving me feeling the need to attach numbers or money to success. Bobby’s quote opened up a whole new idea about what success truly meant to me. An idiom turned cliché that has always stayed in the back of my mind is, “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. It’s always been a saying that’s given me great comfort in times of stress, knowing that I’ve prepared properly. That all came to a head and hit us like a ton of bricks when my wife Stacey was diagnosed with melanoma.

For us, the insurance business has always been about arming people with knowledge, which then gives them the power to use that information, and make the best decisions for themselves. One of the hardest parts of the business is seeing the financially devastating effects of cancer, literally leaving people bootstrapped or even bankrupt. Too often, people can think of it as a death sentence. Feeling especially difficult for those of us who are self employed, or not on group coverage, to be able to find traditional health care coverage that leaves enough money for groceries each month. While our main business focus is on the “evolves”, those 65 and older, starting their journey on Medicare, we also have viable health care plans for people under 65, which have worked great for us and our family.

Given the fact that we’re in the business, it would be hypocritical of us if we offered products that we didn’t believe in for ourselves. It’s a shame to admit, but when we began our new journey of starting our own firm back in 2015, we had an array of products that we simply didn’t have access to before. One of those being the cancer plans. Cancer was something that was never a concern, especially for me, given that there is no family history. I’ve also come across various bits of information over the years that had led me to believe cancer could be treated using non traditional and natural remedies. After going back and fourth with Stacey about it, we decided the dollar or two a day that it cost wouldn’t affect our lifestyle.

In retrospect, the idea of not thinking we needed cancer plans was a form of denial. Denial is a form of fear. Fear often stems from the unknown and when it comes to cancer, it seems as if there is only the unknown. As I’ve stated in a previous blog, I’ve always been interested in medicine, particularly homeopathic or natural forms. Over the years, as different studies have come out and more research has been done, the more complete the picture seems to me. The two main fundamental things that have stood out are number one, most diseases come from various types of parasites and number two, if you eliminate the parasites, then you can cut off the disease at its root. Another realization was that our bodies are essentially independent ecosystems participating in a global ecosystem, meaning our bodies are individual environments for all kinds of organisms, while we ourselves participate in the ecosystem of Earth. It has been proven that diseases like cancer can’t grow, nor expand in an alkaline dominant environment. Therefore, enhancing PH levels is extremely helpful with ensuring a high alkaline ecosystem for yourself, as opposed to high levels of acidity. It’s all fairly similar to a swimming pool. If the PH levels are off, the pool is going to turn green, and become a gross nightmare.

All of the research I had done up to the point of Stacey’s diagnosis served as a lantern, which helped us navigate the dark cave of cancer. The cancer plans we were enrolled in had benefits which paid out in a lump sum, upon first diagnosis, to be used for anything, along with the under 65 health care plan we are enrolled in, meant that financially, we would be able to afford traditional treatments, but we still wanted to at least give some of the harmless and natural remedies or solutions a try. Based on my research, it made sense for us to find some type of natural anti-parasitic drug. I had read an article published in 2017, on about how avermectins are lactones that created the drug, Ivermectin, which works as an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-cancer agent. Additionally, studies and claims on armed me with tons of studies regarding the use of Ivermectin as a form of successful cancer treatment. With everything factored in, it made sense for us to give it a try and to our delight, it worked. Her next visits to the doctor would prove what we already knew. That she was healed.

Ultimately, there were a lot of pieces to the puzzle that was our first and hopefully last bout with cancer. From the last blog, we had the power of faith, mindset, and love, then, this one has been about the knowledge and preparation. It’s impossible for me to say exactly which factor was most responsible for ridding Stacey of the disease, or why some people try everything and don’t make it. I can say with certainty however, that there are a lot of people who have a lot of ideas on how to go about getting rid of cancer. Some ideas are more wild, like ones involving horse paste, while others are as simple as incorporating more lemon water into the diet. I think we all can get carried away and forget that we are always experimenting with ourselves, changing this, changing that, it’s constant self experimentation for us curious humans. So I’d say, experiment as far as you feel comfortable, knowing that the traditional forms of cancer treatment can be very taxing on all fronts, with the worst case scenario being the same on both sides. For us, the financial peace of mind from the lump sum benefit was well worth the dollar per day it cost and then being proactive with seeking information prior to the problem arising was paramount in our fight.

For more info on Cancer plans, CLICK HERE. 

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