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Oh happy day…I’m Stacey Weber & I welcome you into my world!  I’ve been on a journey to serve people since I was a small child, from setting up lemonade stands & little food shops in my treehouse for people to enjoy.  I was always looking for ways to help those around me.

I graduated college from Arizona State University with a fabulous “Fashion Merchandising” degree-doesn’t everyone want that degree?  After spending 15 glorious years in the retail world of clocking in LOTs of hours trading time for someone else’s dream while giving up on my own entrepreneurial dream learning customer service and changing lives were my priority. I would do anything to make a difference in the lives that I met, but I could only do so much.  I was able to dress people all day long and make them feel pretty on the outside, however, there was so much more missing with what people were going through.  I felt a tugging at my heart, and I realized that there was something missing.

BAM!   After moving our family to Denver, CO just after the “fall of 2008”, for one of my two Son’s to play hockey, my Husband decided to make a complete career change.  Insurance of all the things.  I started watching & listening & that’s when it struck me:  I could help people prepare for so many of the real-life struggles that happen in their retirement years.

I saw firsthand the financial struggles and healthcare burdens that many retirees face, and I knew I could make a difference-AHA!!!  My true purpose has been formed!!!  I since have dedicated myself to learning everything I could about the insurance industry, particularly Medicare, which is the critical decision that can determine the rest of one’s life.

Now, as the founder of Enrollment Benefits Hub, I am on a mission to share my knowledge and expertise with as many people as possible.  My faith is the cornerstone of my work.  I know that God has placed me on this path to help others and I’m committed to spreading that message far and wide.  I know that retirement planning can be overwhelming and confusing, but I am committed to making it as easy and stress-free as possible for my clients.  

I am a relentless optimist who believes that everyone can achieve the life they never thought was possible.  I’ve already helped countless individuals and families navigate the complex world of healthcare and retirement planning, and I’m determined to continue spreading my message of hope and possibility.

For me, I see this as a ministry.   It’s not just about providing information or selling insurance policies-it’s about making a real, emotional impact on people’s lives.  My favorite part of what I do is getting to know my clients on a personal level.  I love to hear their stories, meet their families & learn how they got to where they are-both good & bad!  

I want my clients to feel confident and secure in their retirement years, knowing that they have the support and guidance they need to live their best lives.  Through it all, I feel a deep sense of joy and fulfillment, knowing that I’m doing God’s work by serving and helping others.  That’s what drives me every day-the knowledge that I’m making a real difference in the world, one person at a time.

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