Meet Diedra... 

Hello and welcome… I’m Diedra, a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  

Licensed lifestyle planner here at Enrollment Benefits Hub and most importantly a mother to my beautiful and only son. Outside of the office I love watching my son play football, spending time with our dog Cruz and enjoying time with my loved ones.  

Fueled by my passion in helping and serving others I began my insurance journey in 2010. Who would’ve thought a girl working at a Starbucks counter would lead me into the insurance business. I’m so happy it did. Over the years I’ve been able to be an advocate for individuals transitioning onto Medicare.  

My on-going mission is to help people with “real world” health and wellness. Creating a lifestyle to lead you through these retirement years. Guiding you through all the overwhelming information I specialize in, Medicare plans, Final expense, Long Term care planning and Asset protection.  

Enrollments benefits Hub is designed in helping people through the Medicare world. As everyone situation is different, we sit down, one on one with individuals to create the best plan for you and your needs. This organization is essential to helping others understand the ins and outs of Medicare. No matter what your situation is we are here to help. It is important to learn about the benefits you may be entitled to for your healthcare. Whether you are on Medicare or newly eligible for Medicare there are various options to choose from and each has specific features and benefits and enrollment periods.   

 I’m so grateful for this opportunity in working with you. 


Diedra Lopez

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